Partner services

It's 'virtually' your own payroll department, without the hassle.

White label

We'll provide you with a phone number with your local area code for your clients to call and customise our software with your brand, logo and identity, allowing your customers to identify you as the supplier of the payroll services.

Profits, reaching new potential

Imagine not having to pay for software, equipment, insurance, training and staffing for a payroll department. We can do it all for you, and we're sure we can save you time and money too.

The sky's the limit - we're cloud based and scalable

Whether you're a nationwide practice or a start up, we scale our services to match your requirements. Being cloud based means that we will provide you and each of your clients with an interface to access your data showing your name and logo. Its available 24/7 and you'll never need to worry about software updates, legislation changes, data protection and security or having a reliable back up because we do it all for you.