Welcome to Practical Payroll!

Welcome to our first blog! We wanted in our first post to show off our amazing range of services.


So, what do we offer?

We offer everything payroll! Our range of services is established to ensure that whatever your payroll needs are, we can meet them.

Our core offerings are:

  • Fully Managed Payroll Services which includes end to end payroll administration as traditionally offered by many payroll bureaus with some great extra perks like API journaling and automated pensions built into our prices!
  • Our Partner Services are unique to the market, we offer a full virtual payroll department, branded to your business with an email address and phone number built to appear to be your in house payroll team.
  • Advisory services are always a great way to ensure that if you process your own payroll, you have backup on call to answer any tricky questions you may have but why pay for it if you don’t use it? With Practical Payroll, you only pay for what you use.
  • Our software hosting is an excellent way of allowing your in house team to access some of the best software on the market, along with a full team of payroll professionals to back them up at times when the administrative burden is higher or your team are missing a key player. This services allow our teams to take over your payroll should you ‘be a person down’ and ensure you can rest easy knowing we are on the case.

Why us?

We recognise you need to trust your payroll provider.  The payroll service is of a delicate and complex nature.  This is why we:

  • are registered with the ICAEW and are part of their practice assurance scheme. This means our standards are at least as high as those held by the ICAEW
  • only recruit payrollers who hold CIPP qualifications or are studying to be qualified.
  • have every payroll checked by another team member prior to being sent to you for review.
  • love what we do and our dedicated team is stuffed full of people who share our enthusiasm for payroll and drive to deliver excellent client experiences.

Give us a call today to find out more: 0333 3073 010